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Roadie of the Month
 "Roadie of the Month" is a title well deserved by this months recipient Todd Green. Todd has logged more miles in the last year than most people travel in a life time.....maybe two life times! Last year he was on the wildly successful Beyonce world tour. When I say world tour, I really mean world tour! Beyonce traveled and did shows in Japan, Australia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, and England. Wow! That is a lot of miles......but, that is only the first part of the year! They then embarked on the second leg which took them from coast to coast in the U.S. After that began the most grueling leg of the tour, Moscow, Russia, Ethiopia, back to Romania, on to India, China, Philippines, and Korea.....are you kidding me!!!!!! That is some crazy routing. I wonder if the gig in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is anything like the county fair in Perry, Georgia? I doubt it. 

                 Beyonce 2007
Todd was working on this massive show as one of the tour Set Carpenters. The set carpenters are the technicians that build the massive stage sets, risers and theatrical gags that you see at the bigger shows. Lighted steps, hydraulic lifts, curtains and backdrops
are all part of a set carpenters day. It takes technical know how, common sense and the ability to manage the large numbers of local stagehands you use every day to build these monsters.


                    Beyonce and her all girl band

Todd was born and raised in Carmel, Indiana in the shadows of the Deer Creek Amphitheater. In high school Todd got involved working backstage in his high school theater program, after high school he put himself through college working at Deer Creek. When he graduated from college he realized there wasn't any future in working in theater in Indiana, so he drove across the country to The Big Apple, New York City. In NYC Todd went to work for Morpheus Lights. Todd ended up in Nashville 12 years ago and has been very successful living in Nashville but making most of his income working on the big Pop and Rock tours. In between rock tours Todd fills in the gaps working the ocasional country gig or working with his IATSE stagehand brothers as a member of Union Local 46 in Nashville.
                          Jay-Z and Beyonce

Todd has worked in the touring industry in all kinds of capacities. Sound, lights, video, rigging and stage managing. You couple that knowledge base with being a union stagehand, mix in a little comon sense and a great work ethic and you have an awesome member of your team. Todd reminds me of the Energizer Bunny, "he just keeps going and going". On tour a lot of Roadies will just sit around waiting for the rest of the show to go up so they can put their little part of the tour in place, not Todd. I have seen him help the other departments get their gear up, running and out of the way so he can build his stage sets and scenery. 

                          On Tour with Madonna

Todd has been out lately with music veteran Barry Manilow......Don't laugh it's really a great gig.


Really it is a great gig................Except when he gets on the.

Marlboro Lights......then he's a bitch!

But even when he's smoking it's still better than a lot of gigs, such as...............................................................................

Mixing monitors for Madonna!


 Name / Place of Residence / Family

 Todd Green    East Side Nashville    




Set Carpenter


  Current Gig / How Long?

Barry Manilow   Filling in the down time.



 Who else have you worked for?


Beyonce, Madonna, Gretchen Wilson,  Martina McBride (for Moo TV), Enimem, Alan Jackson, Dixie Chicks, Amy Grant,John Michael Montgomery, New Edition to name a few since I moved to Nashville 12 years ago.




 Instruments played


None.  No rhythm what so ever.



  Do you write songs?




  Place of Birth


Carmel, Indiana right by Deer Creek Music Center




 Where did you grow up?


Same place



  Who / What was the first live musical performance you experienced?



First Concert I ever attended was ELO with Hal and Oates opening up when I was 12.  My brother and I were hooked and went to concerts when ever we could.


                   Hall & Oates




  Best live performance / concert you have attended? What made it special?


I managed to see Neil Young on one of this thirteen stop solo acoustic tour.  Just him with 3 pianos and guitars surrounding him.  Real music the way it should be.




 What music is in your CD player or I-Pod right now?


 All over the place.  A lot of Rage Against the Machine.  I do not think I have a single song from any of the acts that I have worked for.  OK.. maybe Eminem.

                           Mr. Em


 Tell us how you got into show business


Worked back stage in high school theatre and went to college.  Worked at Deer Creek over the summers to pay for college.  When I graduated, I realized that there was no future in theatre unless I lived in New York.  Drove across the country to work for Morpheus Lights.




   What advice can you give to someone who is trying to break into show business.

 Write down details that will help you with the next time you go somewhere.   Follow the rule that it is better to keep you mouth shut and make people think you don’t know than opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

                                Bus Fun                



 What factors and strengths have made you so successful at your craft/job?


Having a well rounded back ground.  I have done a little bit of everything from sound to video to rigging, so you can know when you are not getting the full truth.  I also have a good sense of humor, so I can work well with the hands and have a laugh while building big heavy scenery.



 What has been your favorite job in show business?


I get asked who is the best I have worked for and there are two answers.  Most talented was Martina McBride but my favorite tour was the Dixie Chicks Top of the World tour.  There was a lot of trouble on the previous tour, but the girls and Mindy (the Tour Manager) made sure everyone was happy and had fun while they worked.

                                   Dixie Chicks


 What is your favorite music venue?


I am mostly in arenas,  so I am a big fan of American Airlines in Dallas and any building out west that has Tommy Sanchez's crew working.


               Todd gigging at Konocti Harbor in Kelseyville, CA.


  What is your favorite city to visit?

 Lisbon, Portugal

                                       New Edition


  What are your future plans?


Another big late summer tour.  I think it is bad luck to tell anyone the tour before you get your plane ticket.

Getting my 10 year pin from being a member of IATSE Local 46.




Bonus Question: Do you own any real estate?


 Just bought a 108 year old house that looks into Shelby Park on the East Side of Nashville through Craig and Roadie Real Estate.


                         Todd's Version of "This Old House"


Give us some words of wisdom on any subject, or tell us something about yourself or a funny showbiz story.


 Not sure what stories I am allowed to tell.

One tip is to make friends with the stage hands.  I know a guy that right away would complain about yesterdays stagehands.  I asked him what the stagehands were going to think he was going to say tomorrow about them.

                           World's Worst Hat Award !    



 Where have you been to lately?

Just finished the Beyonce tour that ended up lasting 9 months and traveling to 49 countries.  The worst run was 11 shows in 13 days in 7 countries.  Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Milan…travel day…Halle, Berlin, Hamburg…travel day…Paris, Oberhausen, Rotterdam, and Antwerp.  Never want to do that much work in 2 weeks again.

My easiest week was this month with Barry Manilow.  Fly to LA. Rehearse and Show in LA. Bus to San Jose for show.  Three days off in Dallas. Show in Dallas. Three days off Ft Lauderdale.  Show in Ft. Lauderdale and show in Miami.  Fly home.

       Beyonce Set Carp Crew in Germany unwinding after all those miles

What do you do in your free time

You can find me on the ice playing hockey either at Centennial or on the MooTV Mad Cows at Southern Ice



If you ever have the chance to tour with Todd, you will discover how talented he is at getting the job done. His wide skill set allows him to stay busy on a wide variety of tours.

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