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 Kris Tweedy is the last "Roadie of the Month" for 2008. Tweedy is guitar player, songwriter, and a "Stage Ninja", or master of the backline. For all you non touring readers "Backline" is all the instruments, cables, amplifiers, drums, picks, foot pedal/stompboxes, carpet, drink holders,cases,risers, and anything else on stage that musicians need to put on a great show! Oh, and don't forget the bottled water and towels! Tweedy is a "Stage Ninja" because he knows every detail and need that a musician would want.......because he is a musician! He is one of the rare breed who crosses the line between touring musician, and touring crew guy. Lots of Roadie crews have musician backgrounds, but very few are good enough musicians to actually get a paying gig on a tour. Tweedy does both and does them well. I usually see Tweedy every year at the CMA Music Fest. He works with Soundcheck Rentals supplying all the backline gear for the festival, and does a terriffic job! He takes pride in his work, busts his rear end, and relates well with all the acts, crews and bands. It's not easy making all those differant acts happy, especially in 95 degree heat, and does it with a smile on his face and a great attitude. A lot of times I see people who have been around the music business for years either jaded or oblivious to the music onstage, this is not the case with Tweedy.....he really enjoys the music! What a concept! He listens to all styles of music as well, Tweedy comments "there are really only 2 types of music....good and bad." We heard both kinds at Fan Fair....oooops, I mean CMA Music Fest.

           Tuning Guitars at Fan Fair

Tweedy really didn't think about working in any other field, and was really "born" into the industry. His Dad was songwriter, producer, arranger Don Tweedy. Don was behind quite a few big hits on the radio in the 1960's and 1970's. Don worked with artist like Bobby Goldsboro, Roger Miller, Bobby Bare, Bobbie Gentry, Mickey Gilley, and Elvis Presley. Don also had his own record deal with United Artists. How could the boy not play music? Tweedy plays a variety of instruments and picks with country artists like Colin Raye, as well as playing heavy metal with his own bands. Now that's variety!

              Music Runs in the Family


 At Fan Fair it's 95 degrees, you're thirsty, you reach in the cooler and pull out..............

 an ice cold..........................................


Roadie Real Estate has Questions?
Tweedy Has Answers!



 Name / Place of Residence / Family


Kristopher Alan Tweedy Nashville, TN

Son of: Barbara & Don Tweedy, Sr. (Composer/ conductor/ saxophonist)

Son: Katyen Dames Tweedy 

Wife: Elizabeth N. Tweedy

                  I know I can tune this......Really!






Stage Ninja/ Roadie/ Guitar Tech / Rhythm Guitar

                    Backstage at CMA Music Fest






 Current Gig / How Long?


 Collin Raye’s Stage band- 1 year


                                Onstage w/ Colin Raye






 Who else have you worked for?  


Soundcheck Nashville, Hot Apple Pie, Meyer Sound, Nine Inch Nails, Widespread Panic, Avalon, Little Big Town, Collective Soul, Sarah Johns, 38 Special, after over 20 years in the industry, there aren’t many people I haven’t worked for…  

 Instruments played:


I can play just about anything with strings, bass, electric, 12 string, piano, banjo, drums, just about anything I put my hands on! 

               Jamming w/ Jimmy Crespo formerly of Aerosmith 






Do you write songs?



                         All Roadies Love In-N-Out Burger





Place of Birth


 Nashville, TN – One of 12 natives left in the city!


                     Picking at the Ryman Auditorium







I Wonder where the next leg of the tour starts?

Who were your musical influences growing up?


 KISS, Kool & the Gang, Warren Zevon, Climax Blues Band, Leon Russell, Elvis, The Beatles, Anything coming from Dad’s studio @ home…




 What was the first live musical performance you experienced?


Dad and Roger Miller or Dad and Bobby Goldsboro

 When Tweedy heard Roger Miller it inspired him to pursue musical genius




 After hearing Bobby Goldsboro he was inspired to play Heavy Metal and never cut his hair!


Just Joking! His Dad Produced him

What do you remember most about those performances?


Dad was the conductor…







What music is in your CD player or I-Pod right now?


It’s pretty all over the map… From Zeppelin to The Darkness… it’s in there.






Tell us how you got into show business.


 For me, this is a birth rite. I’ve been making music since before I had hair!






 What advice can you give to someone who is trying to break into show business.


Practice hard & remember to hold your tongue! You NEVER know who you are talking to…

         Begging the monitor man for less feedback





 What factors and strengths have made you so successful at your craft/job?


Perseverance & natural ability






 What has been your favorite job in show business?


All of them… At least we aren’t digging ditches people!






What is your favorite music venue?


Starwood Ampitheatre – Victim of urban sprawl- taken by bulldozer last fall!







What is your favorite city to visit?


Any town in No-Cal

                                         In Alaska





  What are your future plans?


Can’t make plans… Too busy on the road.





 Take us through a typical day on the job.


 First, you spend the night rolling across the countryside on a huge tour bus, hoping you make it there in one piece. If you’re  lucky the bus doesn’t break down! Maybe, you get to the show a day early. Maybe sleep in a real bed. Wake up, hit load in with a vengeance. Try to get the stage set up as quickly and as proper as possible for sound/ light/ stage check. 1-2 hours usually is all that takes. Maybe get some coffee or snack stuff from backstage or the green room. If you’re lucky someone at the venue will have a veggie or fruit tray for  the band and crew. Most places will do a lunch of some kind but good luck finding time to breathe, much less eat! Then you may get a break until sound check. Once again, if you are lucky. sound check usually runs very smooth or very rough… guess that depends on the day of the week. Then after all that… It’s the long wait for stage call after final run through. Oh, and during all this you are supposed to tune & string all the guitars, change the batteries in all the wireless packs, make sure everyone’s wireless antennas are operational, eat dinner, get ready for the show, and make sure the man on the marquee is a happy camper! Oh, and don’t forget… towels & water… where is that hiss coming from? Then, house lights go down, the curtain goes up, and it’s the best 90 or so minutes for everyone in the room… especially me after a show that went off without a hitch ( hopefully ). I love being able to bring the sounds that make the folks forget their worries.

                               Why we do what we do





Bonus Question: Do you own any real estate?


 Not yet… 

Editor Note: (Maybe he needs to talk to the Roadie Realtor!)

Thanks to Tweedy for the interview, I always enjoy gigging with him because he is good at what he does and has fun doing it! 

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