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Roadie of the Month
 Bailey Pryor from Warner Robbins,Georgia is this months "Roadie of the Month". Bailey is the video director out on the 2008 Brad Paisley Tour. He has also toured as a camera operator, Lighting Director, Road Manager, and Drum Roadie. I first saw Bailey at the old Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois. It was 1977 and I was a punk ass high school senior watching three of my favorite bands rock the house. The Charlie Daniels Band, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, and the band Stillwater. Bailey was the Road Manager, Lighting Director, Drum Roadie, and assistant truck driver for Stillwater. I saw Bailey up on stage changing over the bands at set change and he looked so cool up there I thought "I would really like to do that" or maybe it was "Man if that guy can do that surely I could too". Stillwater had a few hit records and played shows with all the southern rock boogie bands of the 1970's. I owned two vinyl L.P.'s by them that were great.


Bailey worked in music for years and then tried a "Real" job working in television. He worked at TV stations in Georgia and worked in live broadcasts of college and professional sports. Eventually the music bug returned and he started touring again doing live concert video. He was a perfect fit, he had video experience out the wazoo and he had years of touring under his belt. Bailey hooked up with Performance A.V. and then Moo T.V. and directed Tim McGraw and Gretchen Wilson. He also has toured with Bruce Springsteen, The Judds, Hank Williams Jr., Billy Joel, and many others. I loved touring with Bailey because as long as he was on the tour people never referred to me as "the old man" or a "grizzled veteran". Just kidding, Bailey is extremely talented, hard working, and a fun guy to have on your team.

                                Bailey the Excitable Boy

Bailey is also one of the biggest creators of tour nicknames. He is always hanging a nickname on the new guy on the tour. He also has had his share of tour nicknames. In the 1970's he and his crew mates were known as "The Bear Brothers" The whole crew was named after a bear, Bailey was "Teddy Bear". Why Teddy Bear? Take a look below.

                        "Teddy Bear"

Lately Bailey has been known to answer to "Peaches" as in Georgia Peaches. Besides making up nicknames Bailey has his hands full on the 2008 Brad Paisley Tour, it is a massive video rig and Bailey has to make the audience happy, as well as his boss. Brad is a hands on video creator, he has created many of the concepts and even edits video pieces to be used in the show. So the boss knows if the show is right or not. 

                           Brad Paisley Video Rig


            The crowd really seems to love Bailey's video!
                             (Oh and Brad too)



                           Questions for Bailey

Name / Place of Residence / Family

Bailey Pryor / Warner Robins GA / 2-Brothers and 3 Sisters


Video Director                        

Current Gig / How Long?

Brad Paisley/
1 Year

 Who else have you worked for?

Tim McGraw, BruceSpringsteen, Billy Joel,
The Judd’s, Gretchen Wilson and the list goes on.

                    Gretchen Wilson and her Moo Crew

Place of Birth

Mobile Alabama

Where did you grow up?

Perry Georgia

         Pushing gear with Andy Ray Nolan of Memphis,TN. 
                           Two good ol' southern Boys


Who were your musical influences growing up?

The Beatles

Who / What was the first live musical performance you experienced?

1965 The Beach Boys Sacramento Civic Center


 What do you remember most about those performances?

  The Girls!

                                Bailey's Dream Gig!

Best live performance / concert you have attended? What made it special?

1999 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Dinner with Paul McCartney. He’s a Beatle don’t you know!

           Bailey Yucking it up with Johnny and Donnie Van Zandt



  What music is in your CD player or I-Pod right now?

 Eagles Long Road Out of Eden


Tell us how you got into show business.

1973 started with a local band Stillwater who signed a record deal with Capricorn Records in Macon GA the rest is history.

                                Stillwater Crew 1970's 
                         L to R   Bailey, Bo, and Billy Clyde

                                    Stillwater Crew Today
                       L to R -Bo,  Billy Clyde,  Bailey / In Front- John Nixon

What factors and strengths have made you so successful at your craft/job?

I get along with almost everyone and of course my good looks

                                   Show Biz is Glamorous!


What has been your favorite job in show business?

  Tour Manager for Stillwater

                  Stillwater Equipment Truck 1970's- Ridin' in Style!


                        Bailey and Bill Wendt at the controls in the 70's

What is your favorite music venue?

 Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mt. View, California



What is your favorite city to visit?

 New York City


 What are your future plans?

Stay on the road a few more years retire and play golf.


 Give us some words of wisdom on any subject, or tell us something about yourself or a funny showbiz story.

  1978 we were doing a show with Charlie Daniels at a racetrack I was running around backstage and tried to jump over the guardrail around the track. I missed it so in front of 15,000 people I am laying flat on my back. The judges gave me a zero. My dream of Olympic destiny was over that day.

                                   It could have been Bailey!


Hope you enjoyed Bailey's story. I always have a good time with him and I hope all of you get a chance to work with him.

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