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Welcome to Roadie Real Estate!
A website filled with music, humor, information, stories and interviews with people involved in the music industry. They might be singers, musicians, songwriters, producers, publishers, recording engineers, managers, or my favorite, "Roadies". We will also review recorded and live music. We will also mix in some real estate education, because musicians and Roadies need a place to sleep when they are not on the road sleeping in a tour bus, van, or an equipment truck. We love to help people in the music biz with their real estate needs. We will work hard to buy or sell a home for you. Please sign up for our free newsletter and email us with questions and comments.

What is a "Roadie"?
Roadie is a slang term for the behind the scenes technicians on a music tour. They are sound engineers, lighting technicians, video directors, guitar techs, stage managers, and any other job that entails setting up and conducting a live concert. They travel the world working 18 to 20 hours a day unloading gear from trucks, pushing it into venues, setting and wiring it up, soundchecking, and doing a show. After the show they reverse the process, tearing all the gear down and loading it back into the trucks, only to repeat the process over again the next day in another city. All the while eating bad food, getting little sleep, and working their rear ends off. All the hard work pays off though when a great show is enjoyed by the audience, the performers, and the "Roadies".
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